In celebration of National Chicken Wing Day, we created THUMP by Wingstop, the world’s first auction on Periscope. It was a first-of-its-kind activation, and a landmark usage of the Periscope platform.

On July 28-29, thousands of wing enthusiasts flocked to Wingstop’s Periscope account to win exclusive Wingstop goods and other prizes through an auction-style game we created utilizing the existing Periscope UI. Up for grabs were prizes like a golden turntable, a $1500 VIP concert experience, custom Nikes, merch from the newly minted Wing Shop, and, to cap it all, a year’s worth of free Wingstop.

It wasn’t the first time Wingstop has prioritized Periscope as an outreach and engagement channel, but THUMP by Wingstop was a whole different ballgame.

First was the challenge of hacking the platform. Periscope does not offer an API to let developers build in-platform apps. We found a method using data from Periscope’s public browser app to harness data points- in particular the amount of hearts each user generated in realtime, all without violating Periscope’s terms of service. We then fed this data into a virtual interface we designed, where users went head to head in trying to out-THUMP one another before the clock ran out.

THUMP by Wingstop and the buzz around National Chicken Wing Day led to Wingstop seeing some incredible metrics: 26,000 views, 65 days of live video consumed, 8600% heart increase in 33 hours, 7,560 Twitter mentions @ 5.25 mentions per minute- to name a few. The hearts increased from 9,432 to 826,118- taking Wingstop above brands like Taco Bell, Red Bull, Chipotle and even the White House.